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An Arborist’s Tool Belt Arborists utilize a number of specific tools in the field to accomplish a wide variety of tree care tasks. For a large tree removal outfit like Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care, the tools our arborists use most often fall into three categories which are hand tools, large machinery, and climbing […]

To keep it simple, an Arborist is a certified tree care professional with experience in the maintenance and removal of trees. A certified arborist possesses a number of valuable skills that are often learned in the field through first hand experience. These skills include: Identifying different trees Tree pruning for safety and aesthetic Diagnosing

At Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care in Duluth, we understand that it is sometimes difficult for our customers to know when the right time to remove a dead or sick tree may be. To help make a more informed decision, our certified arborists have supplied a short list of warning signs to look for […]

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