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We built Sawtooth on the belief that customer service begins before the bid, not after. This has led to the formation of a tree care company rooted in fast and accurate bids, professionalism in the field, and a reputation for delivering on their word.

So…if you have some questions, maybe we have some answers.

Who is Sawtooth?

Sawtooth is a family owned and operated tree care company, located right here in Duluth, MN. 

We believe the customer comes first and they are at the foundation for all of what we do.We believe in clear communication, leaving every job site emuaculate and giving you an honest price, for honest work. We came together because the level of customer service was we’d expect was lacking from the market place.

How much does tree removal cost?

Tree’s, like most things, come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are easy to remove, some are difficult. After evaluating the project, we will send a detailed description of cost.
However, an easy estimate is $12/ft of height for each stem of the tree. A Pine or Spruce would typically be one stem, where a Maple could have multiple.

Either way, we will NEVER change our price. If we incorrectly estimate the cost, that is not the customer’s fault.

What is the cost of stump grinding?

Like trees, it depends on the size.  The simplest way to estimate is approximately $10 per inch in diameter.
This includes complete clean-up of the mess.

How long does it take to complete a removal?

Most of our projects finish in under a day. So far our longest project has been 5 days for a large Maple tree with a canopy spanning nearly 2 lots and had a diameter of 7 feet!

Can I make payments towards a large invoice?

Of course!
We know sometimes a large tree project may not have been on the agenda (storm damage, dying tree, etc.). Our customer service team will work with you to set up a plan.

Are you insured?

Yes! All of our ducks are certainly in a row!
One less thing you should have to worry about.

What if I'm not happy with the service?

We pride ourselves on communication and customer service.  If you are unhappy with something, we will work with you to make it right.

How can I pay?

We want this to be as simple as possible!
Our primary system is online via email or text.  We can also mail a paper invoice, accept checks and cash.  Whatever you prefer!

Are you a local company?

Yes! Our owners were born and raised in Duluth. All of our staff live here and support the local economy. 

What do you do with all the wood?

As much as we can!
We work with other local companies to keep as much wood from going to waste as possible. The hardwoods are turned into firewood by Stoked Firewood. Softwoods we mill ourselves into other usable timber.

Do you match other quotes?

Yes and No.
We believe in our level of service and price ourselves accordingly.  However, if another quote is a fair price, we may occasionally match it.

Nice guys. Good communication about Scheduling. Great beards.


The whole process from calling for the quote to invoicing was outstanding. I called three other places to try and get a quote to have a fallen tree cleaned up and a diseased tree cut down on my property. Sawtooth was the only company where I got an actual person - I didn't have to leave a voicemail. I will definitely recommend!


Remarkable work and will definitely have no reservations in recommending you to people we know. THANK YOU for bringing some peace of mind to our family (especially our son).


1325 North 59th Avenue West
Duluth, Minnesota 55807

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