At Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care in Duluth, we offer our stump grinding service as the most affordable and efficient means of eliminating a stump on your property. As opposed to stump removal, our process of grinding a stump is less expensive, less time consuming and will leave your property looking pristine.


Providing safe and efficient tree removal is our business at Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care in Duluth. Following your fast and accurate bid from the Sawtooth website, our team of expert arborists will assess the tree on your property and put together a safe and efficient plan for removal to be performed at your convenience.


Land clearing is a delicate business, requiring expert knowledge in forest management and ecological awareness. At Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care in Duluth, we provide the highest level of expertise to ensure that you receive the finished product you desire while informing you of the best way to preserve the ecosystems on your property.


Brush chipping is one of the many services that we provide at Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care in Duluth. Our team of experienced professionals utilize the necessary equipment to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner, taking the resulting chippings with them or leaving them for your use in future projects.


Without the proper equipment, brush mowing can be a real headache. At Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care in Duluth, our team of hard working professionals will turn what might have been a tedious weekend project for you into another day at the office for us. Tame the wild side of your property with Sawtooth.


Storm damage on a property is often unpredictable and sometimes dangerous, catching you off guard and leaving you desperate for immediate storm damage services. At Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care in Duluth we are dedicated to fast and accurate bids followed by immediate provision of services so that you are never kept waiting.

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