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When To Remove A Tree

At Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care in Duluth, we understand that it is sometimes difficult for our customers to know when the right time to remove a dead or sick tree may be. To help make a more informed decision, our certified arborists have supplied a short list of warning signs to look for in the trees on your property.

  • Dead branches and brown leaves among the healthy branches and leaves near the crown of your tree
  • A reduction in foliage from previous years (try using old pictures for reference!)
  • Deep cracks and peeling bark around the trunk of your tree
  • Rotted hollow spaces in the trunk of your tree 
  • Fungi growing near the base of your tree (this could be a sign of decay!)

Remember, a dead tree is a potential danger to you and your property. For a fast and accurate quote and same day site visit, call Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care in Duluth. We’ll get the job done so you don’t have to!

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