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What is an Arborist?

To keep it simple, an Arborist is a certified tree care professional with experience in the maintenance and removal of trees. A certified arborist possesses a number of valuable skills that are often learned in the field through first hand experience.

These skills include:

  • Identifying different trees
  • Tree pruning for safety and aesthetic
  • Diagnosing sick trees
  • Operating machinery involved in tree care
  • Transplanting and planting new trees

Arborists are often educated in environmental care and possess ecological awareness. These skills are essential when pruning or removing trees from an ecosystem or in an area populated by people. 

An arborist’s job can be dangerous. Most arborists climb trees, operate dangerous machinery, and work in environments where falling debris are a constant hazard. Years of experience in the field allow certified arborists to do their job safely and efficiently. 

To learn more about arborists (and to see them in action!) give us a call today!

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