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An Arborist’s Tool Belt

An Arborist’s Tool Belt

Arborists utilize a number of specific tools in the field to accomplish a wide variety of tree care tasks. For a large tree removal outfit like Sawtooth Arbor Supply & Tree Care, the tools our arborists use most often fall into three categories which are hand tools, large machinery, and climbing gear.

Hand Tools

Hand tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they often serve the same purpose on a tree removal site, which is to cut in close quarters. Chainsaws, axes, pole saws and handsaws are all common examples of arborist hand tools that are ideal because of their relative lightweight and maneuverability. Despite their slight stature, these tools can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly, which is why arborists always use the appropriate safety equipment and caution, no matter how comfortable they are with the tool. 


Arborists will sometimes utilize large machinery to complete tree removal projects when space allows. Aerial lifts and skid steers are two common examples of machinery found on tree removal sites. Aerial lifts are a much safer alternative to climbing a tree for trimming and skid steers save time and energy when transporting felled trees during land clearing projects. Arborists put in countless hours of practice before using large machinery in the field.

Climbing Equipment

Arguably one of the most dangerous parts of the job for an arborist is climbing into a tree for trimming or removal. The potential danger involved with tree climbing makes an arborist’s climbing equipment some of the most important on their toolbelt. Common pieces of tree climbing equipment are heavy duty climbing rope, carabiners, climbing spurs, and harnesses. Tree climbing requires a lot of skill and practice and even then it is risky work.

For more about arborists and the work they do, visit our resource page or give us a call to schedule an onsite project appraisal! 

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